To better meet our learners’ growing needs in today’s globalized world, to provide them with a motivating and inspiring learning environment to practice not only their language skills but also the 21st century skills, to prepare them to use the language communicatively, accurately and fluently in the real life settings  and to assist learners in their pursuit of the English language proficiency they need to achieve their educational or career goals, we have designed a wide range of English language courses appropriate to each and every learners’ needs.

Our student-centered, interactive General English courses are designed to enhance learners’ language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) with plenty of additional work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. We create an authentic, engaging and motivating learning environment to provide learners with an innovative learning setting. By employing a great variety of innovative methods, technological tools, online resources, audio and video materials, etc. we tend to enhance learners’ exposure to the English language.

General English courses aim at

  • enhancing the skills that learners need in order to develop their range of communicative competences
  • engaging learners in their our learning process by provide an interesting, motivating and stimulating learning environment
  • providing learners with lively, achievable lessons in order to encourage them to communicate freely and enjoy learning English
  • building and developing learners’ confidence and performance in English
  • enhancing the 21st century skills
  • developing learners’ all-round ability in English

General English for Adults

General English for teenagers

General English for kids 

We offer a range of professional English programs that focus on specific areas and learners’ specific needs. Our ESP courses are related to particular disciplines and aim at developing learners’ communicative competence in specific areas, enhancing the target vocabulary/terminology and practicing English skills

Medical English

Legal English

Business English

Speak English with confidence.  

Conversational English course is designed for those who may have a good command of English grammar, vocabulary, etc. but they do not feel free when expressing their thoughts and ideas in the target language. The course provides learners with an inspiring environment to build up their confidence and obtain the necessary skills to copy with a various real life situations.

During the course, you will cover a wide range of real life topics. A lot of interactive and interesting activities will keep learners motivated and enthusiastic throughout the whole course. The course attendants will be taken through the language they need to create their own talk.

The implementation of technological tools will provide you with a great opportunity to create and upload your own talk.

By attending the course, learners will

Enhance speaking skills- speak English accurately and fluently  

Communicate meaningfully and confidently on a wide range of real life topics

Enlarge vocabulary

Improve English grammar

Enrich English language knowledge with hundreds of new phrases and idioms

Improve listening skills by listening to native speakers

Improve English pronunciation

To make our courses more suitable for our learners and help them learn English from anywhere, we have our programs available online. All you need is just an Internet connection and a computer (or any other gadget).