To enlarge our learners’ exposure to the English language and make learning process more enjoyable and fun, we have organized and offer you the following clubs.

Learn English with movies

Once a week, Level up organizes entertaining gathering of those who are great funs of movies. Each movie watching is accomplished by a friendly discussion where learners are encouraged to share their opinions and express their ideas in English. Before the movie watching event, club members are provided with the vocabulary, expressions and idioms that they will come across in the movie.

We believe that movies are great and inspiring way of improving your English language skills. You learn new words and expressions and see how they are used in real life. You improve your listening, speaking and pronunciation skills. And this is carried out by our professional and qualified instructors in a motivating and friendly atmosphere.  

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

                                                            ~Joseph Addison

Reading is a great and wonderful activity to develop your English skills and spend your time fruitfully and productively, as we believe that every single page you read will result in something great. Our Book Club members read the same book within a set period of time and then gather together to discuss it, share their opinions and learn English in a real life setting. 

Ted talks are internationally recognized and serve as a great source of inspiration, motivation, knowledge, as well as learning. Level up innovative language teaching center organizes Ted Talk events twice a week, where club members gather together to learn something new, to explore great ideas, to share their own ideas and opinions about a specific topic chosen for the day. Club members develop their skills in speaking, listening, vocabulary, researching, organizing and expressing their ideas.

Level up is a great venue for all game lovers who want to play their favorite games, have a great time, relax, stay motivated and learn English. Our club members have a unique opportunity to enlarge their exposure to the English language, bring it into their life and develop their skills in English. We create inspiring and motivating, authentic environment for you to enjoy your time and practice English skills in a real life setting.