Our Mission

Level Up innovative language teaching center is committed to high quality education. Our mission is to provide a fulfilling education to our language learners and assist them in their pursuit of educational and career goals. We strive to create an innovative, authentic and dynamic learning environment that fosters the enhancement of learners' language skills as well as the cultivation of the 21st century skills. We ensure a successful language outcome.

About Us
Level Up ILTC aims at providing Armenian EFL learners with a motivating and inspiring learning atmosphere to be a real English language learner, a language leader, a struggler and a winner. We create a stimulating, dynamic and supportive educational environment for our learners to meet their full potential and develop their language skills along with the 21st century skills. We enhance our learners’ confidence to communicative effectively and meaningfully not only in the classroom but also outside it, in real life settings.
Teaching Philosophy
Our student-centered approach and innovative teaching pedagogy immerse students into real and authentic English while interactive and entertaining content keeps their motivation level high. We provide our learners with high quality personalized language learning opportunities by continuously improving our teaching process. We adopt and use a great variety of authentic and up-to-date materials, teaching methods, innovations, technology and technological tools to better enhance learners’ language skills, integrate them into their own learning and making them active participants of it.
Core Values
  • Excellence and continuous improvement
  • Dedication
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Drive